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Providing a variety of medical jobs for professionals

With Dedicare, you can expect a range of job options across multiple healthcare fields. We have a large selection of GP jobs, locum doctor jobs and hospital medical jobs, among others. We believe in offering our candidates a wide spectrum of opportunities to ensure they find the best fit for their career path and personal circumstances.

A respected partner when recruiting for medical jobs

Dedicare is honoured to be the trusted partner of healthcare organisations worldwide. Our ability to source experienced, highly-qualified professionals for a wide range of medical jobs means we are a reliable and valued resource in the ever-evolving world of healthcare.

Dedicare’s reach extends beyond the UK and British Overseas Territories. We’ve carved a niche for ourselves in the international market, sourcing healthcare jobs in a wide range of unique and diverse locations. Our international recruitment team focuses on understanding the different regulations and work cultures in various countries, ensuring you are always placed in an environment which is in line with your aspirations.

Locum testimonial

I took the decision of working in the UK mainly because I had the support of Dedicare. Their team was so supportive, friendly and trusting from the beginning and it was so easy for me to enrol on the project and make the step to move to England. They were very interested not only in the professional aspect but in the personal and I felt understood and supported every time I hesitated. They were empathetic and they showed a high level of professionalism. Their experience in bringing doctors from all over the world makes them a real value for anyone who would like to move from overseas. – Dr R. Pliego Cosano GP/A&E doctor.

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Dedicare is sponsoring a course of OET live lessons with language provider Specialist Language Courses (SLC). The lessons will assist EU trained doctors who want to move to the UK or Ireland with their English language skills. The lessons are free to attend and you are welcome to attend as many of these webinars as you like.