Consultant Dr. Mary tells, “We are pinching ourselves at times, this is such a brilliant adventure!”

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Mary, GP, who shared her exciting journey of working in the Falkland Islands after discovering an opportunity through Dedicare. Here’s what she had to say about their unique experience.

What inspired you to work in the Falkland Islands?
We always wanted to visit the Falklands. I was a full time GP partner, and the time was not right until my retirement last April.

How did you come across the opportunity to work there?
This is when we discovered Dedicare. They offer medical professionals the opportunity to work in remote places and make it feel easy by supporting you all the way.

Describe your experience at the hospital in the Falklands?
The Falklands have a small hospital where absolutely everything medical happens in one place. From Major Trauma to General Practice and Health visitor clinics to ITU, it all goes on under the same baby blue roof. I was welcomed with open arms. The pace of life is friendly; people go home for lunch and the working day (unless you are on-call) finishes at 4.30pm.

How did the environment feel compared to your previous experiences?
It all feels very familiar; red telephone boxes, people queue in shops and cars drive on the left. At the same time everything is different; the cold wind blows from the South here, it is mid-winter in June and the snowy white beach is full of penguins. We are pinching ourselves at times, this is such a brilliant adventure!

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