Dedicare launches Dedicare International – innovative offering for Nordic healthcare professionals to work abroad

Dedicare, the Nordic region’s largest recruitment and staffing provider in healthcare, life science and social work, announces today the launch of its groundbreaking concept – Dedicare International. This initiative targets healthcare professionals in the Nordic region aspiring to work internationally and signifies a strategic milestone in Dedicare’s growth journey towards becoming one of Europe’s leading recruitment and staffing providers.

Dedicare International specifically targets nurses, doctors, and social workers in the Nordic region who are interested in international career opportunities. With solid experience of providing assignments across the borders of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark – and during 2022 the acquisition of Templars Medical Ltd, now Dedicare UK, Dedicare is now taking the next step in its international expansion.

During the initial phase, healthcare professionals will be offered the opportunity to take assignments in the UK and the British Overseas Territories such as the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, and St. Helena. In addition, doctors will be offered assignments in Ireland – where Dedicare UK is an approved supplier, and assignments in Australia and New Zealand – in collaboration with a company focused on relocating doctors into the country.

“We recognise significant potential in Dedicare International and the prospect of expanding into multiple markets. Initially, we will manage a smaller volume of assignments, and as the business grows internationally, our aim is to increase the scope of our offer,” states Krister Widström, CEO of Dedicare Group.

“Through this concept, we also strive to reinforce the appeal of the healthcare profession and encourage more individuals to pursue education in healthcare. A medical licence opens the opportunity to experience working and living abroad” Widström continues.

Dedicare International’s offering to Nordic healthcare professionals constitutes an “all-inclusive concept,” where Dedicare manages job placement, accommodation, travel, and practical aspects such as work permits and social insurances. Assignments will have a minimum duration of six months.

“This is a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals in the Nordic region to work, live, and explore countries outside of Scandinavia with a company who possess the necessary knowledge and experience. Initially focusing on English-speaking countries, our ambition at Dedicare extends to offering assignments in other parts of Europe in the future” summarises Kasper Madsen, Head of Dedicare International.

The international operations have already attracted several healthcare assistants and nurses to the Falkland Islands, with more expected to join shortly.

For further information, please contact:

Krister Widström, CEO Dedicare Group.
Phone: +46 70 526 7991

Kasper Madsen, Head of Dedicare International.
Phone: +45 2258 3891

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