Templars Medical Agency changes company name to Dedicare Healthcare Ltd

The specialist healthcare recruitment agency Templars Medical Agency has changed its company name to Dedicare Healthcare Ltd. The name change is a forward-looking move and a consequence of the company’s inclusion in the public company Dedicare AB, one of the Nordic region’s leading staffing companies in healthcare, life science and social work.

The name change has been registered and the new company name will be used in all connections where the name Templars Medical Agency has been used previously.

– We are very excited to take this final step in our integration by changing our name to Dedicare. Since the acquisition, our work in offering high quality, innovative recruitment and staffing services has continued as before. Working under a common brand will be an added strength in our continued growth and make it easier for us to take advantage of the group’s resources in marketing and digitization, says Fiona Thomson, CEO of Dedicare Healthcare Ltd, formerly Templars Medical Agency.

Templars Medical Agency/Dedicare Healthcare Ltd was acquired by Dedicare AB (publ) in October 2022 with the aim of strengthening Dedicare’s position in Europe and providing a platform from which to grow further in the UK.  For the Dedicare Group the name change means that Dedicare continues to establish the brand on the European market for recruitment and staffing in healthcare, life science and social work.

– We are very proud and happy to launch the Dedicare brand on the British market. Continuing the expansion of the brand in Europe is part of our growth strategy and the work to achieve our vision of becoming one of Europe’s leading recruitment and staffing companies within healthcare, life science and social work, says Krister Widström, President and CEO of Dedicare Group.

For further information, please contact:

Fiona Thomson, CEO Dedicare Healthcare Ltd, tel +44 7799 202 024

About Dedicare Healthcare Ltd (formerly Templars Medical Agency)

Dedicare Healthcare Ltd provides healthcare recruitment and staffing services in the UK, including British Overseas Territories. The company was founded in 2015 and had annual revenue of approximately SEK 45 million in the previous financial year. The company is consolidated in the Dedicare Group as from the fourth quarter of 2022. For further information about the company, refer to the company’s website at www.dedicare.co.uk

About Dedicare Group

Dedicare AB (publ) is the Nordic region’s largest recruitment and staffing company in healthcare, life science and social work and is among the ten largest healthcare staffing companies in Europe. The Group operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and United Kingdom. Dedicare staffs and recruits doctors, nurses, sociologists, psychologists and life science specialists for clients in both private and public businesses. The Group was founded in 1996 and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2011. In 2022, the Group had annual revenue of SEK 1,768 million and over 1,200 employees. Read more about at https://www.dedicare.se/en/