Working in the Falklands has been my best adventure

I had never worked with an agency before working with Dedicare. I imagined that once an agency had set you up with a job you’d be more or less on your own, and left to get on with it.

My experience with Dedicare has been quite the opposite. Hardly a week went by without someone from the agency emailing to ask if I was ok and just generally checking in with me. Everything is planned to a T – all the travel arrangements, accommodation, timesheets etc.

The whole experience from initial job application and interview to getting to the Falklands and working within the community has been a 100% positive experience. Fantastic, professional and approachable staff. I would highly recommend taking up employment with Dedicare.

Working in the Falklands has been my best adventure. It is a magical place. Crazy weather, but I’m used to that, coming from Scotland! After a week or two I felt completely at home in this small, friendly community. I felt safe walking home from work in the dark, or out walking anywhere alone. You forget you are 8000 away from the UK because most things feel familiar. Apart from the penguins and amazing wildlife!

There are people from many parts of the world living there, adding to the diversity and uniqueness of the islands. I love my job – I’ve met some fantastic, interesting people. I could write a whole book about my experiences. The Falklands have become like home for me, they’ve really got under my skin and I can’t wait to return.

Mary, Residential Support Worker