Hospital nurse Kristal says, “The Falklands offer amazing wildlife, outdoor activities, and social events.”

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kristal, a hospital nurse, who shared her exciting journey of working in the Falkland Islands after discovering an opportunity through Dedicare. Here’s what she had to say about her unique experience.

Can you share your experience working as a hospital nurse in the Falkland Islands?
My time in the Falklands was great. Everyone was very welcoming, and it was a very positive work environment. The management team makes you feel appreciated and are very supportive with anything. I had great exposure to certain areas of nursing I wouldn’t be exposed to within the Emergency Department in the UK and also had exposure to pre-hospital care.

What were some highlights of living and working in the Falklands?
The islands have a lot of amazing activities to offer; there is always something to do. The community spirit is great, everyone is very friendly, and it is easy to take part in anything. I completed my first-ever half marathon and sprint triathlon in the Falklands as a novice and was not made to feel out of place. The Falklands offer amazing wildlife, outdoor activities, and social events.

How was your experience with Dedicare as your agency?
I can’t fault Dedicare as an agency. They are approachable, efficient, and supportive.